Debating Education

This site has been set up primarily to act as a repository for pertinent, suitable and available video material from the public domain to facilitate and stimulate discussion about education systems, educational processes, pedagogical practices and related issues. Additionally, books and articles which can fuel debate are referenced along with available, relevant and interesting papers, articles and web-based materials.

it is intended that the all formal sectors of education be included in the discussion as well as, wherever appropriate, private and for-profit forms of education and/or training.

It is inconceivable that technology and ICT will not form a major component and a major influence in changes which take place within education in the future and so many of the references made within this site will have some direct or indirect relationship or link to ICT.

Through this site any registered member is invited to view the resources and to contribute to any of the resident ongoing debates, to comment on and to challenge the efficacy of current educational systems to match the perceived needs of learners, societies and states in the 21st century, and to facilitate the open discussion of alternatives.

Once registered please contribute thoughtfully, respectfully and often. You are most welcome.

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