01/18/2011 01:31 AM

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Further to the information sent yesterday I include the following information regarding my actions since then.

1 I stopped the backup process

2 I shutdown the PowerMac, the Drobo, the Sonnet array, the switch and the modem/router.

3 I restarted all systems and I excluded the disc called R2 Video from the backup process. R2 Video is on the Sonnet array. See attached screen shot 'Exclusions'.

4 I started up the backup process again.

After around 10 hours it has reached a point where it is Backing up 82KB of 2.0GB. See screen shot called 'Backup'. The screen shot of the Activity Monitor called 'Activity' shows that there is very little data being sent. Very little appears to be happening, It looks as though I will just have to stop it again.

Options appear to be start from the beginning with a new Share for the backup which is causing a problem or start again by deleting all Shares on the Drobo and re-create all backups. 10 days will have been lost.

Help would be most welcome.