Recycling Waste in Aberdeen City

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I have published this web page to express my growing concern that the recycling collection system as implemented in Aberdeen City at the moment (February 2008) is inadequate.

For many years, and prior to the existence of wheelie bins and special containers at each house for garden waste, paper waste, and plastic, tins and glass, I tried my best to recycle sensibly. I bought special containers for recycling and I even had a large bin for paper which sometimes the collection facility did not uplift. At the same time paper left out in plastic bags was unlifted! Needless to say this was not encouraging.

I now find myself with large quantities of plastic containers on a weekly basis which I wish not to add to the domestic waste. Sometimes the items are uplifted and sometimes not. This week was one of the weeks when the collection system failed the world. I enclose photos of what was left this week by the collection staff. I find this disappointing, completely unsatisfactory, and totally discouraging. All the items in the photographs will now be put to landfill. The items left were items of packaging collected only over a two week period. Multiply this by every household in Aberdeen. That is a large quantity of packaging! Please note fruit juice containers, some yoghurt cartons, and tin lids were returned. Some fruit juice containers, tins, glass bottles, plastic bottles, and some plastic containers were uplifted along with paper waste.

I realise that Aberdeen City does advertise what it will and will not collect and waste collection staff probably do their best to implement the policy set. What I wish to emphasise is that the current policy could be dramatically improved ........... and pressure could be brought to bear on
supermarkets and other suppliers of products who often use excessive layers of plastic in their packaging.