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'New Berry' Fruits have been found here!

Mike Nelson of Hosta Meltis kindly let me know by email on 21 May 2007 that there is an online retailer which will be stocking New Berry Fruits.

Mike also let me know that will be willing to provide information about local stockists to interested people.

Hel Noah informed me by email on 20 June 2007 that a mail order purchase was made from Ordered them and paid via paypal on 15th June and arrived today, 20th June.

Steve Gore (27 June 2007 by email) contacted me to say that they are available at

According to Irena, Newcombe New Berry Fruits were "spotted" in Oxford 20 Sept 2007. She bought two boxes!

James Prior informed me by email on 29 Oct 2007 that have them on sale at £2.99

In December 2007, I personally bought two boxes over the counter at Brodie Country Fayre which is located near Forres, Moray in Scotland.

On 30th September 2009 Lauren Wingate let me know by email that they are available to buy currently in Home Bargains (T. J Morris Ltd.). Apparently they are priced at just 99p and have an expiry date 04/10. Perfect for Xmas 2009!

By mid December 2009 Brodie Country Fayre had sold all their New Berry Fruits but before Christmas 2009 found a good stock in Mogan McVeigh's of Colpy which lies between Huntly and Inverurie in Aberdeenshire..

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