William Simpson and Mary Anderson

Simpson Family: Simpson Family, Alyth, 1889Simpson Family: Simpson Family, Alyth, 1889Back Row: George (was not actually present when picture taken - his image was added later); Bill
Second Row - Four Standing: Mary, Maggie, Nelly, Jim
Third Row - Two Seated: William (Father), Mary (Mother)
Fourth Row - Three Children: Liz, Madge (Marjory), Carrie

This picture has been scanned from an original photograph and has the correct orientation. Another copy is available which has been flipped left/right.

George was the oldest and went to Australia when he was 19.
Liz was the youngest. Never Married. Reputedly loved all things French. Went to France with women's forces during war. Worked as a secretary.
Nelly died when she was 20. Buried in Alyth.
Mary was a teacher. Never married. Buried in Alyth.
Maggie emigrated to Canada.
Jim was a blacksmith in Dundee and married Tina.
Carrie (Caroline) was a nurse. Married Bill Nicholson who was a sheep farmer in Northumberland. Had four sons - Jackie, James, Ralph and Willie.
William was a blacksmith in Alyth. Buried in Alyth.
Bill was an Accountant in Edinburgh.
Madge married Hugh Fraser and lived in Huntly. Two children, Hilda and Agnes Myra. Born 11 Aug 1883, died 1971. Buried Huntly. Worked in Post Office in Alyth prior to marriage.

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