My Original New Berry Fruits Pages

New Berry Fruits 2003New Berry Fruits 2003What follows on this page is now a historical record as New Berry Fruits are once again on sale. Please read on, however, as what you see below was the case just a few years ago.

In April 2004 I suspected that Meltis 'New Berry Fruits' were no longer being made and so I photographed my last packet for the benefit of future generations. Unfortunately it has now been confirmed to me that New Berry Fruits are no longer made. (No longer true of course!)

As long as I remember (and I am well over half a century old) I have been given a packet of New Berry Fruits at Christmas time. What you see here may be my last packet! Unfortunately I have kept them too long and they no longer have that liquid centre which I savoured. As all lovers of New Berry Fuits know, the way to eat them is to eat the jelly slowly leaving the hard centre till last. Finally, when bitten, the hard centre reveals a sweet liquid centre.

New Berry Fruits 2003l BoxNew Berry Fruits 2003l BoxDespite the loss of the liquidity in the centre, the sweets are still photogenic and deserve the attention now being lavished on them.

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