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New Berry Fruits 2003 BoxNew Berry Fruits 2003 BoxThe Background
In April 2004 I suspected that Meltis 'New Berry Fruits' were no longer being made and so I photographed my last packet for the benefit of future generations. As a result I produced a few web pages to commemorate "the passing" of New Berry Fruits.

Happily, on 17 May 2007, Mike Nelson, Business Director, Hosta Meltis Ltd kindly informed me by email that Hosta Meltis had found a company that can make New Berry Fruits in Europe. He also informed me that the first batch would be in the shops early June 2007 after a period of 6 years. He informed me that they were really testing the water to see if the UK would like them back? Also apparently the jellies will be available only in independent stores.

It is now in the hands of the public. Buy them and perhaps the supply will continue. Let me know if you find them being sold somewhere and I will publish it here. New Berry Fruits - Reports about where can they can be purchased

What do you think?
Have you tasted the new New Berry Fruits yet? If so why not let others know what you think of them. Email me with your thoughts or register for this site and comment using the available comment facility on this page (members only).

New Berry Fruits 2003New Berry Fruits 2003Within my family the feeling is that the smell is right and the taste is authentic. There has, however, been comment about the centre perhaps containing less liquid and importantly the surrounding shell which contains the liquid being less hard. It appears to me that it is no longer possible to eat round the shell and then finally burst the centre to 'receive' the liquid. Others more skilled may, however, have mastered the technique with the new sweets. ;-)

I was given three packets of New Berry Fruits for Christmas 2009 and I can with full honesty say now that the centres are the way they use to be. I can eat round the centre then at the last moment burst it to release the liquid. Well done Hosta Meltis.

Unanimous opinion is that It is good to have them back!