Genealogy in a less formal manner

This section of the website deals with family history in an informal manner. A 'Genealogy Formal' section which deals systematically with detail is also available for registered members on log-on.

Where possible it is hoped that pictures and comments which capture the 'essential essence of an individual' will be published in this section in addition to some information about locations and dates. Please contribute if you can using the comment facility. You need to be a registered user to do that!

In any table within this area of the website, cells which are higher on your screen will link to earlier generations and cells which are lower will link to later generations. An entry in a cell can link to an individual or a family. Cells at the same level link to individuals or related families of the same generation.

All initial work will be based on generations previous to mine. Commonly used first names are often applied rather than formal names.

This page is under development

Allan Family Tree Quick Link Table

Information about previous generations also available from the individual family pages

Allan (Robert and Jane)

Ross (Donald and Jane)

McLeod (Dan and Jane)

McDonald (James and Annie)

Low (William and Jane)

Allan (James and Margaret)

Fraser (John and Jessie)

Simpson (William and Mary)

Allan (Robert and Martha)

McLeod (Garry and Elsie)

Low (Peter and Ina)

Fraser (Hugh and Marjory)

Allan (Waddie and Margaret)

Low (Bill and Myra)

Allan (Terry and Linda)