About the site

This site has been constructed to act as a portal to pages on this site and to information and pages on other sites owned and/or used regularly by members of the Allan family.

Historically the site linked to pages which contained images of approximately 170 small items of china (mainly Goss); pages which contain pictures of various places visited; pictures of events held in the North East of Scotland; local table tennis news and archived information ; pictures of family and friends; family tree information; pictures from events in which the Aberdeen Chorus of Sweet Adelines International have performed; and some pages on computing subjects - mainly internet related. Many of these pages have, unfortunately, suffered from lack of care and attention and so they are gradually being replaced.

The supplied menu systems link to historical events and pictures of the Sweet Adelines, family photographs, local historical table tennis news, the most comprehensive website dedicated to vintage KEF loudspeakers on the Internet, and innovative and controversial thoughts about education.