Welcome to Terry's area within the Allan family's web site.

There are a number of public areas to this site which anyone is welcome to view. This also applies to many of my other linked sites. In addition there are large areas of these sites which are only available to family members.

I have an interest in hifi and photography and this is reflected in the pages on offer within the site and in linked sites. My interest in hifi and photography hardware is however limited to a small number of manufacturers' products and so don't expect wide ranging reviews of cameras and hifi equipment. If you are a vintage KEF speakers enthusiast, the link offered takes you to one of my other sites which provides some information available nowhere else on the web. It also provides a link to an active vintage KEF forum which is invaluable to anyone looking for a place to discuss such an esoteric topic or to find out about some aspect of a vintage KEF speaker or drive unit.

I was actively involved in assisting with the administration of the local table tennis asociation for a number of years. This is reflected in a link to an site which records some historical information about table tennis in Aberdeen.

The Goss and Heraldic China Pages available within this website are set up at the moment in a temporary fashion. Work requires to be done to enable all information to be searched and viewed more effectively from the database. All the images require to be converted to a suitable format for this to happen and time is the enemy.

Although a developing family tree database is in existence it is in a form which has yet to be converted for web presentation. In the meantime a prototype of a 'pictures mainly' family family tree has been set up with photographs of a few generations. This will be developed as more photos are 'found' and information about the people on the photographs is determined. Anyone who can help with information of names etc should contact Terry. This will be most welcome.

The Places and Events sections of my site relate in some way to my interest in photography in that they are almost entirely 'pictures based'. I also have to say that this was an area of the site which was started and then not developed.